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What a week!

Well what a week it has been! It has been so hard to comprehend, every so often you think - wait is this really happening? Then you hear another news update as a stark reminder of this new reality! 

So as of next week I have to add Primary School Teacher to my list of things to do, but we're trying to remain upbeat, we have each other and we have all this extra time together and we have to try to enjoy it. We're planning to get the kids involved with more cooking and baking, maybe they can look through a recipe book and pick something to make for lunch, and then we can have a go at making it. We're also going to have a go at knitting and I am sure there will be lots of arts and crafts. 

We also plan to get outside as much as we can, it's lovely to see so many signs of spring everywhere, to remind us that this too shall pass! They say that it's important to stick to some sort of routine, and there are lots of small ways in which we can cheer ourselves up in the face of isolation. Thank goodness for video calls! 

As for the Candle Gallery as an online business I can still dispatch your orders, as long as the Post Office is open I'll be here! And if you want to send a little pick-me-up treat to someone, or even as a little treat to yourself you can still choose from a great range of candles - I have a lot of spring scents in store to pick from. 

Take care of yourselves and each other,