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Top 5 Autumn Candle Scents, around £20 or less.

Hi everyone,

I thought it might be helpful to narrow down my top 5 autumn scented candle picks for you. The most expensive of these is £21, so they all offer great value and are a nice treat for someone - or yourself! 

1. Unplugged - Black Oud from Seven Seventeen"The ultimate logging-off candle, this sophisticated, subtle smoky scent (derived from the Agar tree), will appeal to men and women alike. £16.00

2. Sunday of London - Riad. Alive with elegant spices of cardamom, ancient garden rose and the punchy freshness of grapefruit, this botanical blend of soulful ingredients creates an opulent and uplifting atmosphere. £21.00

3. A Real Turf Fire- Bearded Candle Makers.  The Real Turf Fire soy candle is often described as a woolly hug in a tin. A scent like no other that for us is the true scent of home. Michael who makes these smokes the raw wax with turf smoke before melting it. £15.00

4. The Nomad Society - Last Light.  This scent has heart notes of black peppercorn and edible olfactory tones of sweet raspberry. Lightly spiced fragrance.That special moment when the sun dips below the horizon. Thanking the day and welcoming the night. Inspired by the magical golden hour of light. £15.00

5. All the Love - Black Pomegranate from Seven Seventeen. A modern spicy scent, with a heart-warming mantra to awaken the senses. If you have ever visited Jo Malone and tried their Pomegranate Noir scent - this smells very similar. £16.00

So there you have it, my top five scents for autumn. Just the thing for the cooler days and darker nights. If you try any of them don't forget to let me know which one is your favourite!