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New brand introduction - Somas

Tonight I want to tell you about Somas, I just uploaded this range of scented candles to the store last week. Somas is an Irish word that translates as "ease" or "comfort". The candles are handcrafted all the way down in County Cork and come in a range of beautiful scents. 

I was drawn to the range because, like Candle Gallery, it is a new business and shares a lot of the same core values as Candle Gallery. The brands I approach are often smaller brands, and the makers and creators are all passionate about what they do - this is no less true of Somas. 

The candles come in large glass jars, presented in modern yet quirky honeycomb shaped boxes. Then there are the smaller travel candles in gold tins, with clear lids. The big candles retail for around £25 and the smaller ones for just over £12. Even the smaller ones will burn for around 24 hours. 

The scents I chose initially were "Honey and Smoked Beech" which is a very warm and cosy scent. Then there is "Tobacco and Oak", which is warm, woody and slightly smoky and I have "Raspberry and Peppercorn" which has warm, creamy raspberry with a slight hint of spice from the peppercorn. Finally I picked a real classic which is "Blackberry and Bay", a truly classic scent for candles and one that will please most people. 

I hope you enjoy the Somas range, and as always please let me know what you think and which one is your favourite.